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Re: Pursuing a Posthumous Promotion for CAPT Joe Kelly to Flag Rank

I have spent some significant time pondering Bruce's assertion and I cannot think of another Naval officer whose efforts contributed more to national defense over the last nearly 70 years.

I know absolutely nothing about the process required to make this happen, but I'm in.

It is likely that the members of the O-7 selection board never even heard of SOSUS. We weren't allowed to talk about it when I joined in 1971 so my guess is that very few selection board members were briefed on our system.

Our membership includes numerous Flag officers and Captains. I would like to see some of them weigh in on this subject, whether they agree or not.

Great idea, Bruce.


Re: Pursuing a Posthumous Promotion for CAPT Joe Kelly to Flag Rank


Thank you for your response. Keeping the Selection Board in the dark about SOSUS would have
been very likely.

I am advised there are regs about posthumous promotions. I'll do some more digging.

It will obviously be necessary to get Active Duty personnel engaged if this action
is to go forward successfully.