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Re: All Columbo Fonts - a note on ep titles

Thanks for the guide -- I'll give it a go this weekend after I finish my Wife Duties. And Name of the Game? You said it -- what a great show. It was the reason I got into journalism. About 10 years ago, the then-free sample Encore Mystery channel showed them on Friday afternoons, and, after I freaked out (hadn't seen them since the original network run), I recorded about 12 eps. Then, sigh, they quit. I never got to see the Peter Falk ep -- A Sister of Napoli -- and I've always wanted to see how much pre-Columbo he put into the role.

Actually, there werequite a few Columboesque touches in NOTG -- the reporters' subtle poking away at the secrets and crimes of their subject/"suspects" (if you can ever find it, see my all-time fav, "The King of Denmark," which has a mind-blowing murder motive for '60s TV), and the frequent climactic exposure and meltdown of the corrupt/sociopathic/murderous "villain." And Spielberg cut his directorial teeth on NOTG as well as Columbo, in the sci-fi episode "L.A. 2017." I wish Universal would follow Warner Bros.' lead and release some of these rarer shows on an on-demand burnoff basis -- I just got the second season of "Harry O," and am as happy as Leonard Nimoy when he thinks he's gotten away with it :).

Thanks for reminding me of NOTG -- I'll have a private viewing marathon this weekend (as soon as Wife Duties are over).