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Re: Who Would Be Your Columbo Murderer??

Joe Devlin from "The Conspirators" would probably do me in. Just the other day I welched on this deal to sell illegal... uh...


Re: Who Would Be Your Columbo Murderer??

Ok...time for cassa to be brave and bold and is a Saturday night and here I am in Jersey..and that is what Jersey girls do on a Saturday here goes.........

First of all, I know I will regret posting this. (I posted a similar message on the colsy site)...but I can't help myself .....I was just wondering if anybody checked out the site where my poem is a wonderful place to read some really great stuff..(I am not including my poem in that)....and it was created by a fellow Columbo fan....
Well...I didn't mean to sound so pathetic and desperate .....but it would make me feel good if you guys/gals checked it out....thanks

Re: Who Would Be Your Columbo Murderer??

Cassa has written of a poem
I wonder if it's about a little g-nome?
Perhaps it's about a hat in a cat?
I can't read it 'cause I don't know where it's at.

(Was that lousy or what?!)

Re: Who Would Be Your Columbo Murderer?? wasn't lousy was really cat-cool!....and if you look at my first post you can see how to access my poem thingy, and also a really good site for reading about a lot of topics...there is a great piece on Sinatra that I think you may enjoy.....
..and Headache, if you do get to go to this site, and you find my poem there....please don't read the whole is way too long...but it would be nice to know that my Headache looked at it...that would make me feel proud.

Re: Who Would Be Your Columbo Murderer??

i read it cass and i thought it was wonderful..and i even believe mr. welles would approve!

Re: Who Would Be Your Columbo Murderer??

Oh...thanks so much made cassa smile.
And as far as Mr. Welles is concerned...I don't know...that's a pretty high compliment!!

Re: Who Would Be Your Columbo Murderer??

I've sometimes thought about this, and I've always thought, the more "refined" the murderer the better (like those Jack Cassidy ones, especially Ken Franklin). But it just occured to me, that Faye Dunaway was in a Columbo episode. If you HAD TO be killed by someone, it would be a little romantic, not only to be killed by Faye Dunaway, but by Bonnie Parker, so to speak.