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Re: Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - # 11 - 20

#11 "Window" was spoken in "Publish or Perish."

#12 The word "I" comes to mind because it is the most popular word in the English language and may have been the last word of Paul Williams in "Ransom For a Dead Man." However, I cannot think of the other episode.

#13 "Good night" is my guess. "Playback" perhaps?

#14 "Better than nothing" was spoken by Edna Brown in "Swan Song"

#15 "Kind of worried" is my guess.

#16 "Get yourself killed that way" is from the classic "Blueprint For Murder," spoken by Bo Williamson. However, we do not know that it was his last words on earth because who really knows what was said in that shed, if anything?

#17 I could not get this one. "Prescription: Murder" comes to mind because Carol Flemming's last word way "Ray." However, he was murderous.

#18 "there's no book" was spoken by Karl Donner in "A Deadly State of Mind"

#19 "How did you.."

#20 Being an accountant, it is frustrating to be stumped by the financial-related choices in this one.

Good Day.

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - # 11 - 20

Ohh...these are going to be hard! Yum.

I agree with E's answers. And I think #16 is from "Blueprint for Murder"--it's the victim's response to Markham's being in the back seat of his car.

Okay...gotta go think some more. I love having something to do besides work on a Tuesday.

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - # 11 - 20

Well, this is cheating, but if you consider the letter of the alphabet, "u," to be the word "you," the answer to the alphabet question would be the two victims in Double Shock (noted in the last quiz) who said "thank you."

But i know that's not what you're getting at.

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - # 11 - 20

I agree with E's answers...and also David's #11, #16 and #19
I know the last thing Jenifer Welles says in Etude is 'K' as in maybe that applies to #12.
#17 is I believe from Mind Over Mayhem when Professor Nicholson is in the driveway and he calls out his wife's name Margaret.

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - # 11 - 20

...and to go along with my 'K' theory I will say the other one for #12 is Edmund..from Try and Catch Me...when he is putting the wills in the safe...he says o'k'. (I think, ok?... )

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - # 11 - 20

That is very funny laura because I was thinking the same thing!!! But the one I was thinking of was Bertie from Bye-Bye...he says to Oliver "I'm talking to you!"

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - # 11 - 20

Yeah, the only one I can really confirm is the answer of A to #19 - Jesse was asking Santini how he got into his office.

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - # 11 - 20

I thought 11 might have been from Fade into Murder, when Clare says something like, "I am going to walk out of the door"...just a guess though..

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - # 11 - 20

It was a good guess Paul...but Mickey Spillane, in Publish or Perish says the thing about the 'window' when he is dictating his novel into the tape recorder..... .....but come to think about it...Clare does say something about the door, doesn't she??

How's the honeymoon going??

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - # 11 - 20

Good thanks Cassa, now in the UK, much hotter here than in Ecuador!!

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - # 11 - 20

Finally gonna post the answers... elsewhere...