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Re: Famous Last Words #41 - #54 - Answers

Oh are my sweet and adorable nimcompoop!!!! (do you realize I actually had to write that down and copy it from you post because I didn't know how to spell it?!?)
I loved your "hard rock" thingy when you were referring to Uncle Randy's nephew! Or was it Uncle Rudy? Or was it Uncle Randy? And what is Columbo's first name?????? Randy? Rudy? Lou?.....oh heck who cares!!
I almost started a whole thread about you because I saw all your posts here today but I couldn't breathe because I was laughing so cassa never made the would have been a goody!! Maybe another day....

Ok...mushy time.....thanks so much for all the stuff you do on here...I, along with everyone else, appreciate it. You are something else.

Now, what that "something else" is??? I don't really know.....but whatever it is...well.....we should bottle it and sell it on the open market....we could make millions!!!

Hey, just thanks.....................

Re: Famous Last Words #41 - #54 - Answers

Hey!! Where is your other groupie Laura??