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Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

lol, u r funny Cas. Wait, I forgot to check which episode that is, let me check and then post. Where in Jersey do u leave? I am in Northeast Pjhilly.

Re: Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

I dont recall watching that episode, at least it wasnt my favorite. Is it urs because Cas plays there? R u related to him btw?

Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

no michael i am not related to john cassavetes....but darnit i wish i was!!!! he is my idol....well come to think of it i really wouldn't want to be related to him....i would have rather been his honey and his wife!!......ok...enough of that!!!!
and you don't recall seeing etude in black???????????????????? you have hurt me more than before!!!!!! (only kidding!) is a great one john is fanatastic in it..and he and peter are great together...2 real-life friends having a ball!!
ok..philly friend.....(i can't believe i am saying that after all the stuff you put me through! ).....i am from central jersey...the part that juts out when you look at a map of the jersey shore line....i am in long branch.....105 off the garden state is a great place to live...
you just keep being a good promise, right??
good to "talk" with you..................

Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

Yes, I am good, stop reminding me. What is the city called. U live close to Wildwood. I like the episodes where Columbo doesnt know who murdered right away. Also, I like the old ones more then the new ones which r kinda boring like that new music one, the compsoer one. DO they still show Columbo on channel 72 Bravo because a couple of days ago I checked and it wasnt on the program for the next couple of days. they used to show it every day.

Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

we used to go to wildwood all the time for is the second to last stop on the parkway...cape may is the last...wildwood has a great boardwalk....terrific!!.....
as far as the newer episodes of columbo are concerned..i have only seen 2 or 3....and the ones i have seen do not compare with the original 45...i am prejudiced that way...but i will have to check some more of them out when they air on tv and maybe i will change my mind...
and no...sadly, bravo, channel 72, is not showing columbo anymore...i have heard that it is on the hallmark station....which i do not have...and also on the biography station which i have at our other little house...