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Re: New Columbo fic at Just One More Paragraph

Well...that was well worth waiting for! I so enjoyed it, Martin. You are a wonderful writer. And you also have the whole cadence of Columbo's voice down pat! Terrific!!! And there was lots of humor too.

Even though I am not really a fan of the x-files, I understood the relationship that was going on. It was really great.
And then the whole Icarus thing........well...that is one of my favorite mythology stories...him and his father Daedalus rising up to the sun with their wings attached to them with wax...and then the youth of Icarus takes over and he goes too close to the sad...but so true....he wanted it all!
Thank you so much for allowing me to read was wonderful.

Re: Re: New Columbo fic at Just One More Paragraph

Thanks so very much -- I'm delighted you enjoyed the story, especially since you're not an X-Files fan. If you ever catch the XF episode Hungry on TV, though, you should watch it -- Mulder plays Columbo to a very sympathetic (?) cannibalistic mutant fast food worker, even down to complimenting the fiend on his housekeeping skills. Surprisingly, it's an amusing satire on support groups and counseling, and the Columbo-style cat-and-mouse game (down to the cannibal's "Quick, where do I hide the clue?" moments and the third act second murder common in the vintage Columbos. I like to think of this episode as a tribute to the influence Columbo's had on other shows over the decades -- it was probably where I got the idea of linking our Lieutenant with fellow oddball Mulder.

BTW, I'd been trying to find a place for that mythology clue for nearly five years. And thanks, too, for your patience as I fixed the link.