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Re: Re: McMatts! I just talked to MATT....WE WANT ANOTHER REUNION!!!

Forget about MCMatts, The Connection is still opened
believe it or not. I just stumbled upon your website and
it is awesome. It is like literally stepping into a time
machine. I was at one of the last shows you guys did at
The Connection and remember the sadness of the band going
different ways, but I always thought I'd see you guys again
But somehow you go back to college, get married, have three
children, and miss all the great music put out by the amazing
bands from central New York. I am so glad you are guys
are stil rockin' even if it's in 4 different states. I'm so sorry
to have missed the reunion shows, but will be sure to catch the one in
2007. Thanks for the trip back in time. Liz Carey