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21 August, 2010; NAVFAC Lewes event; U.S. Navy at Cape Henlopen: A Century of Service at the Cape

CAPT Bill Manthorpe, USN (Ret) asked me to post this invitation to the membership. I will repost in early August.

This is a continuation of his effort to commemorate NavFac Lewes. In July 2008 Bill put a NavFac plaque in what is now called the Biden Center marking it as the HQ of NavFac Lewes. A new sign to be dedicated on 21 August will recognize all of the naval installations on Cape Henlopen, DE over the years. Of most interest to IUSS folks will be his presentation showing all the material that he has collected on the NavFac.

Kathy and I plan to attend. If you have stories or mementos you would like me to bring to the facility/museum for donation please let me know.

The entire invitation is posted below my signature.

Best regards, Jim Donovan

At 1:00 PM on Saturday 21 August, the Delaware State Division of Parks and Recreation invites all interested parties to attend the unveiling of a sign commemorating the presence of the “U.S. Navy at Cape Henlopen: A Century of Service at the Cape.” The event will take place on Cape Henlopen State Park in front of the Biden Environmental Center.

This sign marks and lists the principal U.S. Navy installations that have been on Cape Henlopen from 1898 to 1996. Among those installations were:

-From 1898 to 1938: A Naval Signal/Wireless/Radio/Direction Finding/Radio Station
-In World War I: A Naval “Section” Base for patrol craft, minesweepers, subchasers and support facilities.
-In World War II: A Harbor Entrance Control Post controlling magnetic loops, sonobuoys and submarine nets.
-From 1962 to 1968: A radio transmission station with tropospheric scatter antenna system supporting the National Emergency Command Post Afloat (NECPA).
-From 1962 to 1981: A Naval Facility (NavFac Lewes) of the underwater Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS).
-From 1981 to 1996: A Naval Reserve Center, base and training area for Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare (MIUW) Detachment 205.

Following the unveiling Captain William Manthorpe USN (Ret.) will offer an overview presentation illustrating and describing the various installations. He will be available to answer questions and provide additional detail on each as desired.

(For information: Admission to the Park is $8 per car for out of state, and $4 for Delaware. As you enter, ask for directions to the “Navy Event at the Biden Center”.)

Re: 21 August, 2010; NAVFAC Lewes event; U.S. Navy at Cape Henlopen: A Century of Service at the Cap

There's a few geezers around who can claim they did an "ardurous" tour at Lewes. I know I'll miss a bunch but here's some that I remember.

Mad Dog Madsen, Mad Dog Fessler, Dave Mills, Tom U, Dick Moran, Billy Miller, Mike Davidson (Mike....I think it was you and me on the mid the night RADM Early decided to pay us an unannounced visit), Ed Haven, Bob Scarborough and on and on and on.....

I'll be there for the festivities and I hope Jack gets a haircut.

Best regards to you all.


Oh yea Jim D....you don't have enough to do.....my house needs painting.

Re: 21 August, 2010; NAVFAC Lewes event; U.S. Navy at Cape Henlopen: A Century of Service at the Cap

I remember how "arduous" it was. Trying to decide how much golf to play in a week is hard livin'.