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Re: Thank You


You are most welcome.

Regarding your pics. You can send them to me with copy to our webmaster, Rick Matthews. We will take a look and either create a special photo album on this site or, if identified, parse the pics out to appropriate facility photo albums.

My e-mail address is Jim_Donovan53@yahoo.com.

Best regards, Jim

Re: Sad and Good news - Rae H. LeSesne

A fitting tribute to your Dad. I served with also at COSL. He was a truly fine gentleman. May god be with you and your family. Ed Dalrymple

Re: Sad and Good news - Rae H. LeSesne


Thanks for your post. Your name seems familiar. Where you on the Commodore's plane that got caught by Customs in Norfolk one time? My Dad laughed and laughed about that flight and how he, Stan Klock. someone named Hazelbaker, a chief (Chief Ski?)that played killer poker and some Captain had to scurry around among the wives there at the airport planning to take them home to find enough cash to pay for the import taxes for the liquor they brought back from the Caribbean!

Re: Sad and Good news - Rae H. LeSesne

I wasn't on plane you are thinking of Stan Kloc and Bill Hazelbaker; like your Dad were civilian tech staff members. There were a number of "skis" on the staff so not sure which one. Cheers, Ed

Re: Sad and Good news - Rae H. LeSesne

I was on that flight. The "ski" would have been Chief Borskiwicz (sp?) from supply. His poker partener was Chief Johnny Suggs from Admin ("they" were hard to beat at poker). The Commodore at that time was CAPT Charlie Woods (his wife called him Charlie Tuna - because he was passed over so often). Stan and Bill have since passed away. Not sure of the others.
Looking forward to seeing the pictures. Ed Smock