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Rigging Guide & Spinnaker Chute
Hi All! We are soon to be the proud owners of boat number 3484 and cannot wait to get her out on the water at Bexhill Sailing Club. Being a complete newbie to Miracles, I would really appreciate if there is a rigging guide anyone can point me to. I know I will...
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Last Post: Sep 07, 2021
by Darren Good
recently acquires Miracle
Hi everyone, Firstly, does anyone know when my new/old boat was new? Sail number is 31.......that's thirty one! Second, does a rigging plan exist? Basically, I'm wanting to sort out which halyard does what around the mast area, and where they get tied off....
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Last Post: Mar 09, 2021
by John Tippett
Leaky self bailers
I sail Miracle 3078 with a plywood floor. The self bailers are Andersen Super Medium with six bolts. They have recently started to weep with relatively small amounts of water coming out from between the plywood and the top plate. I am guessing this is not unusual. Ha...
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Last Post: Mar 08, 2021
by John Tippett
Welcome to the brand new forum for Miracle Dinghy users
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Last Post: Jun 12, 2020
by admin
Anyone else having problems with our website? I've registered for the 'new' arrangements for classified ads, but don't seem to get it to work? Probably user error!
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Last Post: Nov 18, 2018
by George Bazeley
building a Miracle
I have just started building a Miracle dinghy. I got the Timber from Robbins, CNC routed by 4th dimension. I have a set of the original instructions (OI) that accompanied a kit and I have the usefully illustrated record of Brian Jones' build (BJ). Inevitably all are...
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Last Post: Nov 07, 2018
by David Mole
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